HCG Bad Breath – An HCG Side Effect

One fairly

common side effect on the Very Low Calorie Phase of the HCG Diet is bad breath. There doesn’t seem to be any chemical reason for this. We believe that the main reasons people feel they have bad breath on HCG are that they are using more spices (like garlic and onion powder) than usual, and they aren’t eating as often, so the bad breath is more noticeable.

Since you can’t have gum or mints on Phase 2, here’s what we suggest trying to fix any HCG bad breath problems:

  • Brush your teeth up to 3 times a day (but no more than that or else receding gums and tooth sensitivity could become problems)
  • Rinse with plain mouthwash (check the label for added sugars)
  • Use a couple drops of Peppermint Stevia as breath freshener
  • Gargle hot salt water or lemon water

Do you have any tips or tricks to fight bad breath on the HCG Diet?


5 thoughts on “HCG Bad Breath – An HCG Side Effect

  1. I thought the bad breath comes from our bodies being in ketosis…I experienced the same thing when I was doing the Adtkins diet. Fortunately my husband and I are doing this together so we can both suffer together :-)

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